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Developing the Smart Grid has become an urgent global priority, promising economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Information and communications technologies are at the core of the Smart Grid vision as they will empower today’s power grid with the capability of supporting two-way energy and information flow, isolating and restoring power outages more quickly, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid and empowering the consumer with tools for optimizing their energy consumption.

The 4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm) is centered on all communications aspects that are relevant to the Smart Grid and aims at bringing together researchers from Academia, Industry, and National Labs to exchange novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, discuss innovative designs, and share field trial experiences and lessons learnt. 

Please find the call for papers here. [pdf version]


About the previous editions...

Find more info, including program & plenary presentations at the IEEE SmartGridComm 2011 and IEEE SmartGridComm 201websites. The published papers for both conferences are available on ieeexplore.ieee.org (search for 'smartgridcomm').

A conference report about IEEE SmartGridcomm 2010 was published in the Nov. 2010 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine (see here) and one for IEEE SmartGridComm 2011 was published in the December 2011 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine (see here).

IEEE SmartGridComm 2010 by the numbers:

  • Attendees: 441 attendees (i.e., 4x more than number of papers), 44% Academia, 31% Industry, 20% R&D, 5% Government
  • Accepted papers: 102 out of 255 (40% acceptance ratio)
  • Technical co-sponsorship: 11 IEEE Societies & 2 IEEE Councils

IEEE SmartGridComm 2011 by the numbers:

  • Attendees: 315 Attendees
  • Accepted papers: 105 out of 265 (40% acceptance ratio)
  • New Programming: 3 Tutorials, 2 Workshops, 1 Student Video Competition
  • Patrons: 9 and 1 local supporter and 2 media partners

IEEE SmartGridComm 2012 by the numbers:

  • Attendees: 369 Attendees
  • Accepted papers: 122 out of 329 (37% acceptance ratio)
  • Program including: 2 Tutorials, 3 Forums3 Workshops, 11 Technical Symposia1 Student Video Competition
  • New Programming: Best paper award per track
  • Patrons: 2 and 4 local supporter

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