Full Program

Full Program

Monday, October 21

08:30 - 12:00

Tutorial 1: IEC 61850-Principles, Applications and Benefits

Alexander Apostolov, Principal Engineer for OMICRON electronics, USA

The tutorial will cover briefly the history and fundamental principles of IEC 61850, its applications and benefits. The consepts of abstract models and services and their mapping to specific protocols will be presented. The principles of GOOSE and sampled values, their communication mechanisms, applications and benefits, including their use for synchrophasor communications, will be described. The IEC 61850 configuration language ideas, different files and their application in the engineering of protection and control systems will be discussed. Requirements, methods and tools for the testing of IEC 61850 based systems will be covered at the end.

(Monday) Workshop 1: Closed-Loop Wide Area Applications, Communications, and Security

Dr. Greg Zweigle, Principal Research Engineer, Schweitzer Engineering Labs Inc.
Applications of Closed-Loop Wide Area Protection and Control

David Bakken, Professor, Washington State University

Communications for Closed-Loop Cyber Physical WAMPAC

10:10 - 10:30

Thoshitha Gamage, Research Assistant Professor, Washington State University

Security Issues and Tradeoffs for Closed-Loop WAN Applications

John Reynolds, Chief Architect, Security Fabric Alliance.

The Security Fabric for Critical Infrastructures

Panel, Q&A

 (Monday) Workshop 2: Smart Grid at Scale - The UBC Living Lab

At UBC we view our entire campus as a living laboratory , a "city scale" sand box in which to explore, creatively and collaboratively, solutions to todays challenges and market opportunities. The session will describe the UBC Living Lab initiative and provide details on specific projects supporting the development of integrated smart-grid technology on the campus.

Iain Evans, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships UBC
UBC's Living Lab Initiative - Driving Innovation

Cliff Mui, Director, Product Development, Nexterra Systems Corporation
Carbon-Neutral Community Scale Co-Generation

Geoff Davenport, President, International Business, Corvus Energy
The role of Energy Storage in the Energy Grid


Victor Goncalves, Director of Engineering, Alpha Technologies
Energy Management

Guneet Bedi/Robert Flesher, Cisco Systems
Converged Networks- Distributing Power and Data

David Leboe, Project Manager, Powertech Labs
Integrating Electric Vehicles with the Power Grid

13:30 - 17:00

(Monday) Workshop 3: Joint WWRF/SmartGridComm workshop on Wireless Communications and the Smart Grid

This workshop will discuss both the roles that wireless communications can play in the smart grid of the future, and the use of the smart grid to power future wireless systems including cellular systems and machine-to-machine communications. Speakers will be drawn from both industry and academia, and come from Europe, North America and Asia. Topics covered include the optimal management of energy in a system of cellular base stations, networking issues arising from using wireless sensors and meters in a smart grid, R&D activities within major industry players in this domain, standardization, and more

13.30-14.00 -Fiona Williams, Ericsson:
Smart Energy Field Trials: Insights from a Private Public Partnership and the FINESCE project.

14.00-14.30 -Chuck Adams, Distinguished Standards Strategist, Futurewei Technologies:
IEEE Strategic Smart Grid Standards Infrastructure Development - Integrating Power, Communications, IT, and Applications Requirements

14.30-15.00 -Xavier Costa Perez, Chief Researcher, NEC Europe:
Getting fit for the Smart Grid: Wireless Standardization Efforts

15.00-15.30 -Coffee Break

15.30-16.00 -Martha Russell, Executive Director, mediaX at Stanford University

16.00-16.30 -Teng Joon Lim, National University of Singapore:
Energy Management at Cellular Base Stations in a Smart Grid

16.30-17.00 -Mischa Dohler, King's College London

(Monday) Workshop 4: Smart Grid Cyber Security

Although power utilities across North America operate within their own jurisdictional frameworks, their networks are moving toward a higher level of interconnection as a consequence of the roll out of Smart Grid technologies. As such, attacks on their critical infrastructure may not be contained within jurisdictional borders. Security and resiliency of electrical power infrastructure needs to be ensured through a federally supported coordination, collaboration and standardization program. Issues that need to be thoroughly examined are:

What communication security threats are most critical for electrical utilities?
How vulnerable are existing communication standards and protocols?
Are vendor implementations of these standards truly interoperable?
How willing are vendors to embrace standards and move away from proprietary solutions?
What security best practices exist to help utilities today?
What security technologies are needed in the future?
What role can policy makers play?

Tuesday, October 22

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 1: Networks and Markets for Scheduling Energy Consumption

Professor Anna Scaglione, University of California at Davis, USA

10:30 - 12:10

(Tuesday) DEM1: Demand Response and Transportation Electrification

Chair: Chris Develder (Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium)

Congestion Management for Urban EV Charging Systems
           E. Rigas, S. Ramchurn, N. Bassiliades and G. Koutitas
Design of a V2G Aggregator to Optimize PHEV Charging and Frequency Regulation Control
           R. Wang, Y. Li, P. Wang and D. Niyato
Electric Power Resource Provisioning for Large Scale Public EV Charging Facilities
           I. S. Bayram, G. Michailidis and M. Devetsikiotis
Randomized Response Electric Vehicles for Distributed Frequency Control in Smart Grid
           M. R. Vedady Moghadam Nanehkaran, R. Zhang and R. Ma
Analysis of the Behavior of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Renewable Generations
           W. Lee, L. Xiang, R. Schober and V. Wong

(Tuesday) NET1: Access Network Performance

Chair: Vincent W.S. Wong (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Novel Coexistence Scheme between Wireless Sensor Network and Wireless LAN for HEMS
           F. Inoue, M. Morikura, T. Nishio, K. Yamamoto, F. Nuno and T. Sugiyama
Dynamic Selection of Wireless/Powerline Links using Markov Decision Processes
           D. Dzung and Y. A. Pignolet
Pilot Based Channel Estimation and Transform Domain Analysis in Broadband PLC for Smart Grid
           M. Tunç and E. Perrins
Feedback Control Scheme with Prediction for Power Line Communication Channels
           C. Carrizo, K. Kobayashi, H. Okada and M. Katayama
Performance Evaluation of PRIME in Smart Grid
           M. Korki, C. Zhang and H. Vu

(Tuesday) STO1: Support for Storage, Renewable Resources and Micro-grids I

Chair: Javad Lavaei (Columbia University, USA)

Optimal Energy Storage Management in DC Power Networks
           A. Ito and T. Shiraki
Low-Rank Solution of Convex Relaxation for Optimal Power Flow Problem
           S. Sojoudi, R. Madani and J. Lavaei
Convex Relaxation and Decomposition in Large Resistive Power Networks with Energy Storage
           X. Lou and C. W. Tan
Optimal Storage-Aided Wind Generation Integration Considering Ramping Requirements
           L. Xiang, D. W. K. Ng, W. Lee and R. Schober
Robust Optimal Power Flow with Wind Integration Using Conditional Value-at-Risk
           Yu Zhang and G. B. Giannakis

13:40 - 15:20

(Tuesday) DEM2: Pricing for Demand Response

Chair: Zhifang Wang (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

Convex Hull Pricing for Demand Response in Electricity Markets
           N. Ito, A. Takeda and T. Namerikawa
Optimal Battery Configuration in a Residential Home with Time-of-Use Pricing
           B. Aksanli and T. Rosing
Dynamic Price Optimization Models for Managing Time-of-Day Electricity Usage
           S. Subramanian, S. Ghosh, J. Hosking, R. Natarajan and X. Zhang
Low-Frequency Power-Grid Ancillary Services From Commercial Building HVAC Systems
           Y. Lin, P. Barooah and S. Meyn
Online Speeding Optimal Charging Algorithm for Electric Vehicles without Future Information
           W. Tang, S. Bi and Y. J. Zhang

(Tuesday) SEC1: Data Integrity

Chair: Saman Zonouz (University of Miami, USA)

Detection and Localization of Targeted Attacks on Fully Distributed Power System State Estimation
           O. Vuković and G. Dán
On Phasor Measurement Unit Placement against State and Topology Attacks
           J. Kim and L. Tong
Malicious Data Detection in State Estimation Leveraging System Losses & Estimation of Perturbed Parameters
           W. Niemira, R. Bobba, P. Sauer and B. Sanders
Detecting False Data Injection in Smart Grid In-Network Aggregation
           L. Yang and F. Li
A Formal Model for Verifying Stealthy Attacks on State Estimation in Power Grids
           M. Rahman, E. Al-Shaer and Md Rahman

(Tuesday) STO2: Support for Storage, Renewable Resources and Micro-grids II

Chair: Ram Rajagopal (Stanford University, USA)

Dynamic Contract to Regulate Energy Management in Microgrids
           L. Duan and R. Zhang
ECO-DAC Energy Control Over Divide and Control
           A. Akyurek, B. Torre and T. Rosing
Stability, Power Sharing, & Distributed Secondary Control in Droop-Controlled Microgrids
           J. Simpson-Porco, F. Dörfler, Q. Shafiee, J. Guerrero and F. Bullo
Optimal Energy Management for Cooperative Microgrids With Renewable Energy Resources
           D. Nguyen and L. Le
Scalable Model Predictive Control of Demand For Ancillary Services
           M. Alizadeh, A. Scaglione and G. Kesidis

15:50 - 17:30

(Tuesday) ARCH1: Architectures and Models for the Smart Grid I

Chair: Maja Etinski (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany)

Management of a Smart Grid with Controlled-Delivery of Discrete Power Levels
           R. Rojas-Cessa, Y. Xu and H. Grebel
Voltage-based clustering to identify connectivity relationships in distribution networks
           V. Arya and R. Mitra
Distributed Regulation Allocation with Aggregator Coordinated Electric Vehicles
           S. Sun, M. Dong and B. Liang
Distributed Mode Scheduling for Coordinated Power Balancing
           H. Kawashima, T. Kato and T. Matsuyama
Double-Layered Control Methodology Combining Price Objective and Grid Constraints
           S. Iacovella, F. Geth, F. Ruelens, N. Leemput, P. Vingerhoets, B. Claessens and G. Deconinck

(Tuesday) NET2: Smart Grid Data Management

Chair: Long Bao Le (INRS, University of Quebec, Canada)

Coral: Reliable and Low-latency P2P Convergecast for Critical Sensor Data Collection
           D. Germanus, A. Khelil, J. Schwandke and N. Suri
Analyzing Storage Requirements of the Resilient Information-Centric SeDAX Architecture
           M. Hoefling, C. Mills and M. Menth
Utilizing a Flexibility Interface for Distributed Energy Resources Through a Cloud-Based Service
           L. Orda, J. Bach, A. B. Pedersen, B. Poulsen and L. Hansen
On the Scalable Collection of Metering Data in Smart Grids through Message Concatenation
           B. Karimi, V. Namboodiri and M. Jadliwala
Characteristics of AMI using DLMS/COSEM and IEEE 802.15.4g Multi-hop Wireless Communication
           T. Otani and M. Miyashita

(Tuesday) STAN1: Simulation and Co-simulation

Chair: Anna Scaglione (University of California, Davis, USA)

MAC-Sim: A Multi-Agent and Communication Network Simulation Platform for Smart Grid Applications Based on Established Technologies
           F. Perkonigg, D. Brujic and M. Ristic
INSPIRE: Integrated Co-Simulation of Power and ICT Systems for Real-Time Evaluation
           H. Georg, S. C. Müller, N. Dorsch, C. Rehtanz and C. Wietfeld
A Tool for Assessing Interdependency of Mobile Communication And Electricity Distribution Networks
           S. Horsmanheimo, N. Maskey, H. Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen, P. Savolainen and L. Tuomimäki
A Control Loop Approach for Integrating The Future Decentralized Power Markets and Grids
           Y. Ding, P. G. da Silva, M. Neumann, L. Zhang, M. Beigl and M. Budde
The Development of a Smart Grid Co-Simulation Platform and Case Study on Vehicle-To-Grid Voltage Support Application
           C. Shum, W. H. Lau, K. L. Lam, Y. He, S. h. Chung, N. Tse, K. F. Tsang and L. L. Lai

Wednesday, October 23

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 2: Transforming Our Business with Technology

Kip Morison, Chief Technology Officer at BC Hydro, Canada

10:30 - 12:10

(Wednesday) ARCH2: Architectures and Models for the Smart Grid II

Chair: Hiroaki Kawashima (Kyoto University, Japan)

Impact Study of Collaborative Implementation Models on Total Cost of Ownership of Integrated Fiber-Wireless Smart Grid Communications Infrastructures
           R. Charni and M. Maier
Fair Power Allocation in Multi-User Systems with Controllable Loads
           M. Etinski and A. Schülke
Online Scheduling for Vehicle-to-Grid Regulation Service
           J. Lin, K. C. Leung and V. Li
A Comparative Study of High Renewables Penetration Electricity Grids
           J. Taneja, V. Smith, D. Culler and C. Rosenberg
Impact Analysis of Locational Marginal Price Subject to Power System Topology Errors
           D. H. Choi and Le Xie

(Wednesday) NET3: Grid Detection and Estimation

Chair: Woongsup Lee (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nurnberg, Germany)

Wireless Communication Aided Differential Relay Protection in Smart Grids: A Concerted Blitzkrieg
           Z. Zhang, H. Li, Ju Song, Z. Han, G. Luo and W. Hu
Power Grid Topology Inference Using Power Line Communications
           L. Lampe and M. Ahmed
PMU Placement for Optimal Three-Phase State Estimation Performance
           Y. Yang and S. Roy
Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Parameter Estimation of Partitioned Markov Chain Impulsive Noise Model
           F. Sacuto, F. Labeau and B. L. Agba
A Maximum-Entropy Based Fast Estimation of Power Quality for Smart Microgrid
           S. Ali, K. Wu and D. Marinakis

(Wednesday) STAN2: Testbeds and Field Trials

Chair: Yong Ding (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Unify AMI Information Models to Support Diversified Smart Grid Systems and Applications
           Z. Li and J. Zheng
An On-line PLC Frequency Impedance Analyzer
           C. Kikkert
Domino of the Smart Grid: An Empirical Study of System Behaviors in the Interdependent Network Architecture
           X. Lu, W. Wang, J. Ma and L. Sun
Randomizing AMI Configuration for Proactive Defense in Smart Grid
           M. Q. Ali, E. Al-Shaer and Qi Duan
Realistic Model for Narrowband PLC for Advanced Metering Infrastructure
           T. Ropitault, A. Lampropulos, A. Pelov, R. Vedantham, P. Chiummiento and L. Toutain

13:40 - 15:20

(Wednesday) DEM3: Demand Response Communications and Networking

Chair: Masahiro Morikura (Kyoto University, Japan)

Enabling Demand Response in a Computer Cluster
           C. Wang and M. de Groot
LTE and Hybrid Sensor-LTE Network performances in Smart Grid Demand Response Scenarios
           J. Markkula and J. Haapola
Ambient Sensing-based Incentives for Behavior Modification in Demand Response
           C. K. Tham and C. Zhou
Online Energy Management Strategies for Base Stations Powered by the Smart Grid
           J. Leithon, T. J. Lim and S. Sun
An Adaptive Scheduling of PHEV Charging: Analysis under Imperfect Data Communication
           Q. Dong, D. Niyato, P. Wang and Z. Han

(Wednesday) SEC2: Privacy, Confidentiality and Authentication

Chair: Fengjun Li (University of Kansas, USA)

Privacy-Friendly Appliance Load Scheduling in Smart Grids
           C. Rottondi and G. Verticale
Smart Meter Speed Dating, short-term relationships for improved privacy in Smart Metering
           S. Finster
Confidentiality-preserving Obfuscation for Cloud-based Power System Contingency Analysis
           O. Vuković, G. Dán and R. Bobba
Spoofing Prevention Using Received Signal Strength for ZigBee-Based Home Area Networks
           P. Jokar, N. Arianpoo and V. Leung
TSAF: Tamper-resistant and Scalable Mutual Authentication Framework for Plug-in EV Charging
           Y. J. Kim, V. Kolesnikov and M. Thottan

(Wednesday) STO3: Testbeds II & Support for Storage, Renewable Resources and Micro-grids |||

Chair: Cornelis J. Kikkert (James Cook University, Australia)

A High Performance Line Filter for Narrowband Power Line Communication Testbed Applications
           S. Mueller, R. Weigel, F. Lurz and A. Koelpin
Cloud Motion Estimation for Short Term Solar Irradiation Prediction
           H. Huang, J. Xu, Z. Peng, S. Yoo, D. Yu, D. Huang and H. Qin
Modeling the Effect of Geographically Diverse PV Generation on California's Distribution System
           M. Cohen and D. Callaway
Solar Irradiance Forecast System Based on Geostationary Satellite
           Z. Peng, S. Yoo, D. Yu and D. Huang
Value of Aggregation in a Smart Grids
           R. Sevlian and R. Rajagopal

15:50 - 17:30

(Wednesday) CYB1: Cyber-Physical Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection & Control - I

Chair: Lars Nordström (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden)

SeCPSim: A Training Simulator for Cyber-Power Infrastructure Security
           C. Vellaithurai, A. Srivastava and S. Zonouz
Structural Dependability Analysis in Smart Grid under Simultaneous Failures
           J. Wäfler and P. Heegaard
Detection, Recognition, and Localization of Multiple Attacks through Event Unmixing
           W. Wang, Li He, P. Markham, H. Qi and Y. Liu
On Measurement Unit Placement for Smart Electrical Grid Fault Localization
           M. M. Hyder and K. Mahata
Dynamic Modeling and Resilience for Power Distribution
           Y. Wei, C. Ji, F. Galvan, S. Couvillon and G. Orellana

(Wednesday) SERV1: Smart Grid Network Management and Services

Chair: Chee Wei Tan (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement
           A. Lam, Y. W. Leung and X. Chu
Distributed Real-Time Power Flow Control with Renewable Integration
           K. Nakayama, C. Zhao, L. Bic, M. Dillencourt and J. Brouwer
Modeling economic interactions between microgrids and electric utilities: a regulator's perspective
           C. Lo Prete and B. Hobbs
Tackling the Photovoltaic Integration Challenge in the Distribution Network with Deferrable Load
           E. Yao, P. Samadi, V. Wong and R. Schober
Microgrid Provision of Blackstart in Disaster Recovery for Power System Restoration
           A. Castillo

(Wednesday) WHO1: Whole Picture: Smart Grid Control

Chair: Yannick Phulpin (EDF R&D, France)

Blind Control Synthesis for Large Dynamical Systems with Application in Smart Grids: A Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Approach
           H. Li, Ju Song and Z. Han
Convexification of Optimal Power Flow Problem by Means of Phase Shifters
           S. Sojoudi and J. Lavaei
A Predictive Protection Scheme based on Adaptive Synchrophasor Communications
           M. M. Hyder, R. Khan, K. Mahata and J. Khan
Differential Game-Theoretic Framework for a Demand-side Energy Management System
           R. Arai, K. Yamamoto and M. Morikura
A Distribute Parallel Approach for Big Data Scale Optimal Power Flow with Security Constraints
           L. Liu, A. Khodaei, W. Yin and Z. Han

Thursday, October 24

09:00 - 10:00

Keynote 3: Who says what to whom and why? Challenges for Smart Communications in Distribution Systems
Dr. Alexandra "Sascha" von Meier, Co-Director for Electric Grid Research at the California Institute for Energy and Environment, Ajunct Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley

10:30 - 12:10

(Thursday) CYB2: Cyber-Physical Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection & Control - II

Chair: Lars Nordström (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden)

Blind Topology Identification for Power Systems
           X. Li, H. V. Poor and A. Scaglione
Historical Data-Driven State Estimation for Electric Power Systems
           Y. Weng, R. Negi and M. Ilić
Graphical Model for State Estimation in Electric Power Systems
           Y. Weng, R. Negi and M. Ilić
Real-Time Prediction of Power System Frequency in FNET: A State Space Approach
           J. Dong, X. Ma, S. Djouadi, H. Li and P. T. Kuruganti
A distributed control strategy for optimal reactive power flow with power and voltage constraints
           S. Bolognani, R. Carli, G. Cavraro and S. Zampieri

(Thursday) SERV2: Smart Grid Software and Applications

Chair: Albert Y.S. Lam (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)

Safety Design for Smart Electric Vehicle Charging with Current and Multiplexing Control
           C. Y. Chung, E. Youn, J. Chynoweth, C. Qiu, C. C. Chu and R. Gadh
Intelligent Meter Placement for Power Quality Estimation in Smart Grid
           S. Ali, K. Weston, D. Marinakis and K. Wu
Home Energy Management with Generic Thermal Dynamics and User Temperature Preference
           H. Nguyen, D. Nguyen and L. Le
Software-Defined Energy Communication Networks: From Substation Automation to Future Smart Grids
           A. Cahn, J. Hoyos, M. Hulse and E. Keller
Optimal Demand Response in DC Distribution Networks
           H. Mohsenian-Rad and A. Davoudi

(Thursday) WHO2: Whole Picture: Smart Grid Generation and Demand

Chair: Pei Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Towards More Transmission Asset Utilization through Real-time Path Rating
           R. Diao, Z. Huang, C. Jin, B. Vyakaranam, S. Jin and Y. Makarov
Virtual Power Sensing Based on a Multiple-Hypothesis Sequential Test
           Z. Kang, Y. Zhou, L. Zhang and C. Spanos
Risk Limiting Dispatch with Ramping Constraints
           J. Qin, B. Zhang and R. Rajagopal
Energy Efficient Thermal Comfort Control for Cyber-Physical Home System
           Z. Cheng, W. W. Shein, Y. Tan and A. Lim
TSB: Trusted Sensing Base for the Power Grid
           A. Mazloomzadeh, O. Mohammed and S. Zonouz

13:40 - 15:20

(Thursday) DEM4: Simulations and Testbeds for Demand Response

Chair: Chin-Woo Tan (Stanford University & Bigwood Systems, Inc., USA)

A comparison of two GIV mechanisms for providing ancillary services at the University of Delaware
           S. Vandael, S. Kamboj, T. Holvoet, G. Deconinck and W. Kempton
DRSim: A Cyber Physical Simulator for Demand Response Systems
           T. K. Wijaya, D. Banerjee, T. Ganu, D. Chakraborty, S. Battacharya, T. Papaioannou, D. Seetharam and K. Aberer
Critiquing Time-Of-Use Pricing in Ontario
           A. Adepetu, E. Rezaei, D. Lizotte and S. Keshav
The Potential of Smart Home Sensors in Forecasting Household Electricity Demand
           H. Ziekow, C. Goebel, J. Strüker and H. A. Jacobsen
Automated Scheduling of Deferrable PEV/PHEV Load by Power-Profile Unevenness
           H. Lu, G. Pang and G. Kesidis

(Thursday) NET4: Network Monitoring, QoS and Resilience

Chair: Samir R. Das (Stony Brook University, USA)

Smart Eagle - a Bird's-eye View on Heterogeneous Networks for Commercial and Industrial Sites
           B. Scheidegger, Y. A. Pignolet and E. Ferranti
Assessing the Effect of Geographically Correlated Failures on Interconnected Power-Communication Networks
           S. Neumayer and E. Modiano
Stabilizing Hybrid Data Traffics in Cyber Physical Systems with Case Study on Smart Grid
           H. Li, Z. Han and Ju Song
Efficient PMU Networking with Software Defined Networks
           A. Goodney, S. Kumar, A. Ravi and Y. Cho
A Simulation Study of Routing Protocols for Smart Meter Networks
           V. Kathuria, G. Mohanasundaram and S. Das

(Thursday) SEC3: AMI Security

Chair: Hamed Mohsenian-Rad (University of California at Riverside)

Reconciling Security Protection and Monitoring Requirements in Advanced Metering Infrastructures
           R. Berthier, J. Jetcheva, D. Mashima, J. Huh, D. Grochocki, R. Bobba, A. Cárdenas and B. Sanders
A Systems Approach to Analysing Cyber-Physical Threats in the Smart Grid
           A. AlMajali, E. Rice, A. Viswanathan, K. Tan and C. Neuman
Delay Makes a Difference: Smart Grid Resilience under Remote Meter Disconnect Attack
           W. Temple, B. Chen and N. O. Tippenhauer
Probabilistic Model Checking for AMI Intrusion Detection
           M. Q. Ali and E. Al-Shaer
Prevention of Malware Propagation in AMI
           Y. H. Park, D. Nicol, H. Zhu and C. W. Lee

15:50 - 17:30

(Thursday) DEM5: Demand Response for Thermostatically Controlled and Industrial Load

Chair: Saman Zonouz (University of Miami, USA)

A Model of Demand Response Energy Management System in Industrial Facilities
           Y. Ding and S. H. Hong
Combined Load Frequency Control and Active Distribution Network Management with Thermostatically Controlled Loads
           E. Vrettos and G. Andersson
A Moving Horizon State Estimator in the Control of Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Demand Response
           E. Kara, Z. Kolter, M. Berges, B. Krogh, G. Hug and T. Yuksel
Large population optimal demand response for thermostatically controlled inertial loads
           G. Sharma, Le Xie and P. Kumar
The Impact of Flexible Loads in Increasingly Renewable Grids
           J. Taneja, K. Lutz and D. Culler

(Thursday) SEC4: Protocols and Key Management

Chair: Rakesh B. Bobba (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

SELINDA: A Secure, Scalable and Light-Weight Data Collection Protocol for Smart Grids
           G. Dán, K. S. Lui, R. Tabassum, Q. Zhu and K. Nahrstedt
Formal Design of Communication Checkers for ICCP using UPPAAL
           S. Malik, R. Berthier, R. Bobba, R. Campbell and B. Sanders
Flexible Data Authentication Evaluated for The Smart Grid
           K. Cairns, C. Hauser and T. Gamage
Encryption Key Management for Secure Communication in Smart Advanced Metering Infrastructures
           S. H. Seo, X. Ding and E. Bertino
An Advanced Key Management Scheme for Secure Smart Grid Communications
           X. Long, D. Tipper and Yi Qian

(Thursday) STO4: Customer Segmentation & Support for Storage, Renewable Resources and Micro-grids IV

Chair: Paul Lusina (UBC, Canada)

Utility Customer Segmentation Based on Smart Meter Data: Empirical Study
           J. Kwac, C. W. Tan, N. Sintov, J. Flora and R. Rajagopal
Economic Analysis of Lifetime-Constrained Battery Storage under Dynamic Pricing
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