Workshop 3: Joint WWRF/SmartGridComm workshop on Wireless Communications and the Smart Grid


October 21 afternoon

Workshop 3: Joint WWRF/SmartGridComm workshop on Wireless Communications and the Smart Grid

This workshop will discuss both the roles that wireless communications can play in the smart grid of the future, and the use of the smart grid to power future wireless systems including cellular systems and machine-to-machine communications. Speakers will be drawn from both industry and academia, and come from Europe, North America and Asia. Topics covered include the optimal management of energy in a system of cellular base stations, networking issues arising from using wireless sensors and meters in a smart grid, R&D activities within major industry players in this domain, standardization, and more

13.30-14.00 -Fiona Williams, Ericsson:
Smart Energy Field Trials: Insights from a Private Public Partnership and the FINESCE project.

14.00-14.30 -Chuck Adams, Distinguished Standards Strategist, Futurewei Technologies:
IEEE Strategic Smart Grid Standards Infrastructure Development - Integrating Power, Communications, IT, and Applications Requirements

14.30-15.00 -Xavier Costa Perez, Chief Researcher, NEC Europe:
Getting fit for the Smart Grid: Wireless Standardization Efforts

15.00-15.30 -Coffee Break

15.30-16.00 -Martha Russell, Executive Director, mediaX at Stanford University
Sensors, Signals and Sense-Making in Human-Energy Relationships

16.00-16.30 -Teng Joon Lim, National University of Singapore:
Energy Management at Cellular Base Stations in a Smart Grid

16.30-17.00 -Mischa Dohler, King's College London
Shift of SmartGrid Industries

The Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) is meeting in Vancouver concurrently with SmartGridComm and has partnered in sponsoring this workshop at the SmartGridComm venue for attendees of both events. The workshop was jointly organized by Prof. Teng Joon Lim (National University of Singapore), Prof. Panagiotis Demestichas and Mr. Andreas Georgakopoulos (both of University of Piraeus, Department of Digital Systems). Prof. Demestichas and Mr. Georgakopoulos represent WWRF, and Prof. Lim represents the IEEE Comsoc Technical Sub-Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TSCGCC).