Smart Grid Services and Management Models

Symposium Co-chairs

Steven L. Puller, Texas A&M University, USA
Ratnesh K. Sharma, NEC Laboratories America Inc., USA
Chee Wei Tan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Scope and Motivation

Worldwide science foundations and governments currently support the development and planned deployment of Smart Grids. However, many interesting research questions still need to be answered. A number of focus domains are distinguished: (i) smart metering: monitoring and customer involvement in energy usage, (ii) demand side and demand response management and real time pricing, (iii) a Home Energy controlling box (Internet box like), (iv) ICT readiness for Mobile Electricity Consumers, (v) efficient management of energy sources (conventional such as power plants and green such as wind/solar as well as excess power generated by the customers and sold to providers), and (vi) management of transmission networks and distribution networks (including the main grid as well as micro grids such as municipal or regional grids).

This symposium especially focuses on the design and implementation of management applications to realize the mentioned focal points. Efficient management of the smart grid networks, based on obtained monitoring information is fundamental for allowing efficient operation of Smart Grids.

Moreover, this symposium welcomes papers on software services, provided on top of Smart Grids, allowing the end-user to interact with the Smart Grid: examples include home automation and mobile systems, industrial and enterprise applications, context-aware applications, personalized applications, recommendation applications, remote appliance maintenance and management, etc.

Topics of Particular Interest

This symposium focuses on the following aspects:

  • Communication and Network management technologies for Smart Grids
  • Performance of Smart Grid management applications
  • Software architectures for Smart Grid management
  • Algorithms, models, and protocols for Smart Grid Management
  • Service design for user-centered application on Smart Grids
  • Personalized and mobile Smart Grid Services
  • Energy consumption profiling automation
  • Energy production scheduling and dynamic adjustment
  • Demand-side management and demand response 
  • Real-time pricing and tariff structure design
  • Dimensioning of infrastructure for Smart Grid management and service provisioning
  • Use of semantic techniques for Smart Grid Management
  • Autonomic Smart Grid Management
  • Security, Resilience and Trust in Smart Grid management
  • Cloud-based approaches for the Smart Grid
  • Smart Buildings and Smart Houses in the Smart Grid
  • Energy Services for the future Smart Grid
  • Energy marketplaces and market-driven interaction Smart Grid management
  • Regulatory structure to facilitate utilization of Smart Grid technologies

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Members

Adam Wierman                                                       California Institute of Technology
Alexis Kwasinski                                                     University of Texas at Austin
Anurag Srivastava                                                  Washington State University
Chiara Lo Prete                                                      Havard University
Chin-Woo Tan                                                         Los Angeles Dept. Water & Power
David Rapson                                                         The University of California, Davis
David K. Y. Yau                                                       Purdue University
Dennice Gayme                                                      Johns Hopkins University
Desmond Wuhan Cai                                             California Institute of Technology
G Kumar Venayagamoorthy                                   Clemson University
Hashem Nehrir                                                       Montana State University
Javad Lavaei                                                          Columbia University
Lijun Chen                                                              Colorado State University
Meng Wang                                                            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Stadler                                                      Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Mohammad Bozchalui                                           NEC Laboratories America
Na Li                                                                       California Institute of Technology
Naren Ramakrishnan                                             Virginia Tech
Rakesh Patil                                                           NEC Laboratories America
Ross Baldick                                                          University of Texas at Austin
Ufuk Topcu                                                             The University of Pennsylvania

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadlines and format requirements are the same for all symposia, see here.
Paper submission needs to be performed through EDAS: